March 20, 2014

Say Yes To The Dress

Ok, is anyone else as obsessed with the show 'Say Yes To The Dress' as I am? I really hope so, and if you're not, you should be. Shame on you. I kid of course, but seriously, it's a good show! I'm talking about the original, at Kleinfeld in New York City. Not the one in Atlanta or wherever they have a spinoff now. I used to watch the marathons every time they were on TLC! And maybe I still do, but that's besides the point.

The point of this post is: dresses, why you should say 'yes' to them, and which ones you should wear. Dresses are, by far, my favorite thing to wear in spring and summer are dresses! They're super easy to throw on and you don't even have to think about it! I love it when I don't have to think. Sometimes my brain just needs a rest.

So when you're shopping for your spring wardrobe, stock up on dresses! You won't go back. Shop some of my favorites below! Warning: pretty much all of them are from either Forever 21, J. Crew, or H&M. It's pretty obvious where I like to shop.

Forever 21 Day Dresses · Forever 21 Dresses · J.Crew Day Dresses

What's dominating your wardrobe for spring? Dresses? Skirts? Shorts? Tell me in the comments!

xo Sydney 


  1. I'm also obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress! I'm glad that I finally found someone else that is too! And dresses are definitely taking over my spring wardrobe! I'm obsessed with them! :)

  2. If I could, I swear I would wear a dress and sandals or heels every day. Sometimes I don't understand why I live in a place where it's only warm enough to wear a dress for 4-5 months of the year. Also, Say Yes to the Dress is awesome. I could binge watch many hours worth of episodes if I let myself.

  3. I love dresses too! And the show? AS a bride to be, even though I already have a dress... still love it!!!

  4. I'm so obsessed with SYTTD!!! I almost never make it through an episode without crying (half the time out of jealousy & hormones lol) and I find myself searching my favorite dresses online from the show!!

  5. I used to be obsessed!! Once you actually DO say yes to the dress and get married it's just not as fun anymore!

    Jessie at