April 29, 2014

Hello, Hello!

I'm officially on the hunt for a new phone case.  I've had the same one (a lifeproof one, of course) for the longest time and I'm ready for a change. The problem is, I need a case that's cute but also practical. I've told this story before, but I'll tell it again: I once dropped my phone out of a third-story window (it somehow survived, by the way). Don't ask anymore about that, because it wasn't my best moment. 

Anyway, I'm on the lookout for a new case and not surprisingly I've got my eye on quite a few of them! Here are the ones I'm loving: 

1. Tory Burch Robinson Saffiano Leather Hardshell Case
A girl can never have too much Tory Burch, right?

2. Kate Spade Scallop Pocket Silicone Case 
Love the pocket on this case! It's perfect for carrying cash and credit cards!

3. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Initial Case 
I love a good monogram and this classic case is gorgeous! 

4. Kate Spade 'Power Trip' Case 
This one is at the top of my list because it's also a charger--genius!

5. Macarons Case 
I have a serious obsession with macarons so I need this case.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich Case 
I love food, what can I say?

7. Tory Burch Robinson Printed Hardshell Case
Again, you can never have too much Tory. A list of phone cases isn't complete with just one Tory Burch case, you definitely need two!

8. Originalis Factory Message Case
This one just made me laugh so I had to include it! 

What does your phone case look like? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

xo Sydney

April 27, 2014

Summer Reading List

I mentioned in my book review + giveaway post earlier this week that I've really been trying to re-discover my love for reading. In middle school, I would read with a deep, fiery passion. Seriously, I tore through all seven Harry Potter books in less than a week (I was a little late jumping on the HP bandwagon, but I got there eventually). But once I got to high school and college, I eventually lost all interest. The whole 'reading for pleasure' thing was a foreign concept to me. I couldn't enjoy a good novel anymore knowing that I had 80 pages in my psychology textbook to read by tomorrow.

So my mission this summer is to read, read, and read some more. No more required reading lists, just me and a good old book. Sounds nice, doesn't it? But here's the thing: I've been out of the novel-loop for so long that I have no idea what's out there and what's really worth reading. I developed a short list, but please share any and all suggestions that you might have! I'll take any genre: sci-fi, romance, romantic sci-fi (just no Twilight please...or any vampires for that matter).  Leave your suggestions in the comments and check out what's already on my list:

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
To be totally honest, I really have no idea what this book is even about. It was crazy popular on Amazon and I keep seeing it in stores so I feel like it has to be good. Yes, I base how good a book must be by how it's ranked on Amazon. Lame, I know, but I'm pretty mainstream in my taste in books so it hasn't failed me yet. 

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth 
So it happened with Harry Potter and now it's happening with Divergent. I always, always, always jump on the bandwagon late so I'm sitting down to read Divergent about ten years later than everyone else (that's an exaggeration, I know). I've heard nothing but good things about this entire series, so I feel like it's about time I read them. Plus I really want to see the movie but I feel like I need to read the book first.

3. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
Again, I have no idea what this book is about. I should probably stop randomly picking books just because they're popular, but this one looks intriguing. Also, it's all over Instagram and Tumblr so I'm getting tired of seeing it and not knowing what it's about.

4. Lean In for Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg  
I'm not graduating for two more years, but I've been dying to read this book! I saw an interview with Sheryl on Colbert and I loved everything she had to say. It's never to early to start getting career-smart considering I'll be out in the real world in less than 24 months...scary stuff! If you've read this and have an opinion on it, let me know in the comments!

Have you read any of these? Did you love/hate/feel indifferent about any of them? Tell me your thoughts and leave me other suggestions in the comments!

xo Sydney

April 22, 2014

Study Essentials

I've started all my posts like this recently, but in case you're not up to speed: it's finals week. Hurray! I know most of my readers are other bloggers/college students so I thought this was the perfect time to take a study break, complain about how much finals suck, and share our study tips/essentials! In fact, I should be studying and writing a paper right now, but instead I'm writing this post...typical Sydney.

This list might seem extensive, but if I don't bring absolutely everything with me to library, I'll be able to find an excuse to leave. Really, I'm not exaggerating that at all. Give me any excuse to leave (even the smallest one you can think of!) and I will take it.

So I can get back to studying and not fail all my classes, let's get to the point: here are my study essentials!

First of all, the most important thing for me are headphones, comfortable clothes, coffee and snacks. Everything else comes second. If you see me in the library, I'm always wearing leggings, a sweatshirt and my classes or some form of that. I'll never be wearing jeans, or a dress, or anything that might give me an excuse to go home and change into more comfortable clothes. Basically, I'm not ashamed to wear straight-up pajamas to the library, so all you haters can step aside. Also, if I ever forget headphones, I have to leave. Immediately. That sounds like I'm being overly dramatic, but I really can't live without headphones.

Next, I must have coffee and snacks. Coffee is a given, because I'm addicted to caffeine and need the boost. Snacks are necessary for me because I have ADD and snacking while I study is the only way I can function. I try to keep it healthy by bringing almonds or something, but normally I just end up eating sour patch kids or goldfish crackers or cookies. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I believe it's impossible to eat healthy while studying. One time I even brought and entire jar of peanut butter and just ate it with a spoon. I got some weird looks, but did I care? Nope. Not even a little.

After that comes all the boring stuff that I don't really like but need to function in college. For example, highlighters, pens, TI-89 calculator, backpack, notebooks, textbooks, etc. All of this stuff is boring so I'm not going to talk about it too much. Here's one tip though: if you're looking for a good backpack, definitely try a North Face one! I've had mine since high school (so over 3 years) and it somehow still looks brand new. Usually I completely trash my backpacks, so you know it's good quality! Seriously, the last Jansport one I had only lasted  a few weeks before it had holes and scrapes in the bottom. North Face ones are little more expensive, but totally worth it.

So that's basically it! I hope the odds are ever in your favor with final exams. Mine are going to be a doozy this year, considering I have 3 in one day. Yes, the test gods hate me. I've just accepted that. Tell me how much you hate exams and give me some of your study essentials in the comments!

xo Sydney

April 20, 2014

Book Review + Kindle Giveaway!

I love giveaways. I really, really do! This one is for all you bookworms out there: an Amazon Kindle paperwhite! I've wanted one of these babies for a pretty long time, so it's safe to say I'm extremely jealous! But this isn't just a giveaway, I'm also here to chat about my love of books and a fabulous new author I've discovered!

Truth be told, I haven't read a book for pleasure in a really long time. In elementary and middle school I used to read all the time--I couldn't get enough! But once I got to high school and college, the required reading lists got longer and I lost pretty much all interest. Once I got the opportunity to join this giveaway and read a free book I jumped at it! I haven't read some good old chick-lit in a while, and I was seriously missing it!

The book I read is called "The Reluctant Wedding Planner," by Eva Scott. Before I talk about the book, you should all go learn more about Eva and her books! Truth be told, I had never heard of her before this review, but she's an amazing writer! Also, she's Australian so that automatically makes her awesome.

Here's the basics of the story from the publishers website, I'll try not to spoil it too much for you!
Dr Camden James is a rural vet, not a wedding planner, so he quickly feels out of his depth when, in a fit of generosity, he offers to glam up his sister's budget wedding in a secret move designed to surprise her. With only six weeks to make this the wedding of his sister's dreams he needs to move fast.
Stumbling around in the largely female world of weddings he gets a lead on the go-to girl for wedding flowers - Georgiana Mac Intyre. Georgi, reeling from a very public breakup, is not interested in men in anyway shape or form. Not even super-cute vets - even when they are clearly interested in her.
Cam shamelessly uses his story to get her to help. It has all the elements; romance against the odds, true love, orphans (you can't have good story without an orphan or two), and a bride.

- See more at: http://musapublishing.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_29&products_id=513#sthash.jZucjQdF.dpuf

"Dr Camden James is a rural vet, not a wedding planner, so he quickly feels out of his depth when, in a fit of generosity, he offers to glam up his sister's budget wedding in a secret move designed to surprise her. With only six weeks to make this the wedding of his sister's dreams he needs to move fast. 

Stumbling around in the largely female world of weddings he gets a lead on the go-to girl for wedding flowers - Georgiana MacIntyre.  Georgi, reeling from a very public breakup, is not interested in men in anyway shape or form. Not even super-cute vets - even when they are clearly interested in her.

Cam shamelessly uses his story to get her to help. It has all the elements; romance against the odds, true love, orphans (you can't have good story without an orphan or two), and a bride."

In short: I really liked this story! It's a quick and easy read which is great, because I have a short attention span when it comes to reading. That being said, it did feel like the story was a bit rushed at times, so maybe it could have been a little longer. Other than that, it's a charming love story (definitely a better love story than Twilight). It gets kind of cheesy at certain points, but hey, that's exactly what I want in my romance novels. I liked that the novel was written in two different points of view. It alternates between the two main characters (Cam and Georgi) and I loved hearing the story from both of them, rather than just one.

But that's not all--we still have a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a Kindle Paperwhite! Did I mention that I'm extremely jealous? This giveaway is open internationally, and you'll also receive one of Eva's books to read! Enter below:

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Good luck!

 Have you read any great books lately? I'm making my summer reading list right now so leave me some suggestions in the comments!  

April 17, 2014


This might sound shallow, but one of my goals in life is to be instafamous. Ok, maybe it's not a life goal but it would be cool. I think we all have that dream that we're kind of embarrassed by, and this is definitely mine! So, I thought it might be fun to do a post sharing some of my favorite instagram pics lately! This is supposed to be sort of a link-up post, but less formal than that. So basically, if you want to join in on the fun, follow me on Instagram here and then leave your link or username in the comments! Do it, you know you want to! Also do it because, if no one does, I'm going to feel really bad about my failed attempt at a link-up...so go!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! 

xo Sydney

April 16, 2014

1 Pen. 4 Inseperable Colors.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Here's another throwback to my middle school days: multi-colored pens! Honestly, before BIC® contacted me about this opportunity, I thought these pens were a thing of the past! I was pretty excited to find out they're still a thing and you better believe I'm going to be stocking up on them! 

Way back in the 6th grade, I used to be obsessed with taking notes. Not just any old notes--no, they had to be the neatest notes you ever did see. Of course, this meant color coding wasn't optional. These also came in handy when my 8th grade algebra teacher required everyone to have a red pen on us at all times. If we didn't, it meant an automatic zero on our homework or whatever assignment was being graded at the time. I had so many nightmares about being caught without my red pen, and sometimes I still find myself digging around in my bag to make sure I have one (just in case). So this pen was actually a life saver for me, on more than one occasion! It ensured that I always had a red pen on me and never got a zero on my homework assignments. Thank you BIC®!

But this post really isn't about my crazy teachers. No, it's about spreading the word that these pens are awesome and aren't just for paranoid 8th graders! Check out these videos BIC® made to promote the campaign:

Also, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages! They post a lot of great content and do a lot of giveaways! Be sure to follow them for the opportunity to win free pens!

So a main aspect of this campaign is highlighting the different personalities of each color--there's a color for everyone! They've seperated the different personalities accoroding to the colors in the pen: blue, green, red, black. Read more about them below:
 Blue: Blue likes himself. And with good reason: he knows that he's important. Blue cheese, blue skies, blue jeans, blue moon; he's everywhere! To prove his point, look at the names of his family members: Navy Blue, Oxford Blue, Royal Blue...Ever heard of "royal yellow"? Exactly. Let's admit it, blue is definitely the boss.

Green: Green is the jealous type (remember 'green with envy'?). But wouldn’t you be if your Red, Blue, and Black counterparts were used more often than you? He’s also a foodie. Such a foodie that he chronicles each of his daily meals on his social media profile. Because if you eat a meal and don’t take a picture of it, did it really even happen?

Red: Red likes it when things are correct. When matches are parallel and books are well aligned on a shelf. His favorite moment of the day? When it is 11:11 sharp on his digital watch. His passion in life? He has many: spelling, grammar, conjugation, calculation. And a bit of syntax on the weekend. Want to make him happy? Give him some mistakes to correct. He even makes mistakes on purpose sometimes, just for the pleasure of correcting them.

Black: He just doesn’t understand…why does it always have to be about Blue? He is not as fit as Blue although he likes to Blue although he likes to think that he's just as handsome as he is – in a different way though. (Muscles are so last season). He secretly dreams of becoming the Undisputed Master of the World but hasn't yet come up with a clear plan for this. And before we forget (although he doesn't like to talk about it), his natural hair color is blond.

While I wouldn't say I fit one of these perfectly, I'm definitely a combination of red and blue (so I guess that makes me purple?) But also a little bit of black and green...so basically, I'm a bit of all of them! Before I go, make sure and follow BIC’s social channels for more 4-Color™ fun! You can see and enjoy more unique BIC® 4-Color™ content and learn more about the 4 personalities on their Facebook page. The BIC® 4-Color™ Twitter page allows you to follow along with the four color hijinks, daily updates from your favorite colors in spandex suits! You can also purchase these pens at Amazon and Staples! 
Do you remember these pens? Do you still use them? What color suits your personality? Tell me in the comments!
xo Sydney

Check out more:

4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen


Amazon Staples    

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April 15, 2014

Ad Space Giveaway!

Hello lovely people! 

 I'm back with another giveaway, but this one is a little different. If you're a blogger or a brand looking for some ad space, you're definitely going to want to enter this one! I've teamed up with 8 other bloggers to giveaway free ad space of the month of May! Enter in the giveaway below and you could win a spot for your ad on 9 different blog with 15,000+ combined followers! The giveaway starts today, ends April 30 and ads will run starting May 1 (or as soon as the winner responds). Awesome stuff, right? So don't wait, go enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out all nine of our blogs!
Seereena // RYOKOGURL

xo Sydney 

April 14, 2014

The World Needs More Airheads

This is a sponsored post. Opinions are (as always) 100% my own.

 We're all familiar with Airheads candy right? They were pretty much a staple of my 5th grade diet...and now they're a staple in my sophomore in college diet. So naturally, when Airheads needed bloggers to promote their newest campaign, they came to me. Yes, I'm an airhead. I've dropped my phone of a three story building, I stick a knife in the toaster while it's still plugged in and I once locked myself inside a closet. Oh and I once tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich with a hair straightener. That was NOT my finest moment! I wish I had some sort of explanation for that, but sometimes I really wonder how I'm still alive. I'm the victim of many (thousands) of inside jokes with my friends. They make think I'm funny, but I've accepted the role with grace. I am who I am and I really can't change it.  

So why am I telling you all of my embarrassing airhead stories? Well, on Feb 24th, Airheads Candy launched “The World Needs More Airheads” highlighting and celebrating the real life mishaps that make us (mostly my rude friends) laugh. Airheads Candy is extending a cool opportunity to fans to share their own unpredictably awesome moments of pure airheadedness for the chance to be featured in future advertising.   

To kick off the campaign, Airheads Candy has scoured the online universe and partnered with the funniest Vine stars to capture their airhead moments for use in the initial commercial spots.  Fans (that means you!) who want to get famous and be included in future advertising are being asked to submit a video of their own little oops, a hilarious screw-up or an amazingly airheaded idea on the campaign Tumblr page.  All videos submitted that capture the joys of true airheadedness will also be featured on the site. The top three videos will be used in upcoming TV commercials! For lots more info click here to read more!

Videos can either be pre-captured gems that have yet to be shared with the world or newly created greatness. The top three will be selected and used in upcoming TV commercials with others featured in mobile and online advertising beginning in June.  

Interested? Here's how to enter:

1. Create or upload an Instagram Video, Vine, or YouTube video of your airhead moment

2. Use the hashtag #AirheadsNeeded   

3. Visit Airheads Tumblr and upload your video to enter to win: http://goo.gl/kYKoB1

So, what do you think? Do you have an airhead moment you want to share? Honestly, I have so many, I'm not sure how I'll choose! If you do enter the contest, definitely leave the links to your video in the comments! Please make me feel better with some of your airhead moments...sometimes I feel like the only one!

xo Sydney 

Disclosure: Again, this is a sponsored post and I received compensation for writing it. Opinions are 100% my own and I really am an airhead...just ask any of my friends!

Summer Lip Picks

So we're only a few weeks into spring, but I'm already looking towards summer. Technically summer is over three months away, but for me, it starts in less than three weeks! Ahhh the joys of college. First, however, I must survive final exams. Ahhh college really sucks.

Anyway, none of this is really relevant. I'm here today to discuss summer lip sticks! Riveting stuff, right? Seriously though, if you've read more than few posts on my blog you've probably gathered that I'm obsessed with lip products. By far my favorite category of lip products are lip sticks. Summer (or spring!) is the perfect time to rock a bold lipstick. So gather round and check out my picks!

I hope my horrible swatches give you a slight idea of what the true shade of the lipstick is. I promise to work on my swatching skills in the future! 

What are you favorite lip products for summer? Do you prefer a natural look or a bold color like red, fuchsia or coral? Tell me, tell me! 

xo Sydney

P.S. shop my picks and everything featured in this post below!

Note: I was not compensated for this review, but I was given the Rimmel moisture renew lipstick as a member of influenster.com. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

April 11, 2014

Coachella 2014

If you're at Coachella this weekend (or have ever been to Coachella) I'm extremely jealous! I'm not a big fan of music festivals, but Coachella is a major item on my bucket list. I think it's the fashion I want to experience, more so than the music or anything else. So even though I'm suck in Gainesville studying for final exams, I can still day dream about what I would wear, right? Of course!

I'm obsessed with everything bohemian when it comes to fashion. I don't think it's a look I could really pull off for everyday, but for something like a festival, I would have so much fun putting together a look! For my imaginary look, I kept everything pretty simple with a off the shoulder dress, strappy sandals, fringe backpack (love a backpack for festivals!) and a cool pair of sunglasses. Side note: these glasses are from Aeropostale! I remember way back in 7th grade when half of my entire wardrobe was from there...who knew they still had cute stuff?

Anyway the part of this outfit that I'm the most obsessed with are 1. The earrings and 2. The flower crown! These earrings are from a designer called Jules Smith, and they're called the "Coachella Fringe Earrings." Apparently, they were designed with the Coachella style in mind, and I'm obsessed with them. If I had $95.00 sitting around you best believe I would be adding those babies to my collection. Sadly, though, all I have is some spare change floating around in the bottom of my purse. I'm also obsessed with the flower crown, because I feel like Coachella is the only place you should ever wear a flower crown in public. Unless (maybe) you're a flower girl in a wedding. Honestly, the main reason I want to go to Coachella is so I can wear a flower crown. There, I said it.

So, are you lusting after the Coachella fashion as much as I am? Have you even been/want to go? What would you wear? Answer these questions (and anything else you want to talk about) in the comments below!

xo Sydney

April 10, 2014

Spring Cleanse

We've all heard of spring cleaning, right? Spring cleaning your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, the entire house! But what about spring cleaning your body?

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I've been eating a lot of junk food lately. Pizza, Japanese food, birthday cake Oreos...the works!

My lovely blogger friend Marissa (from Barefoot Colorado) asked me if I wanted to do this cleanse with her and I jumped at the chance! Marissa is a total health/exercise nut and she's in amazing shape.  Because I can barely walk up the stairs to my apartment without collapsing, I decided I really needed to make a change in my life. So this is just the beginning!

Basically, I'm doing the 10 day Advocare cleanse. Marissa sells all of the Advocare products so if you want any more info on this cleanse go chat with her! She's the sweetest and will definitely answer any question you've got!

So, the cleanse lasts 10 days and consists of drinking a fiber tea, taking herbal cleanse supplements, a probiotic and omega-3 supplement and an (optional) energy drink. It all sounded like a lot at first, but Marissa gave me a step-by-step meal plan that guides me through everything! It also lists everything you can and can't eat and that's where I got a little sad.

Basically, since you're cleansing you can't have carbs, sugar, unhealthy fats, processed foods, chocolate, coffee, or happiness. I'm kidding, I really am excited to do this! Plus, it's only 10 days so hopefully it'll teach me a little bit of self control along the way. You get to eat 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks which was such a releif for me! This is definitely not a juice cleanse.  I enjoy eating way way way too much to drink only juice for 3 or 7 or 10 days or whatever. I know, I know Beyoncé swears by the master cleanse but I really don't know how she does it. I would be hangry 24/7.

I'll be posting more about the cleanse in the upcoming week so be sure to check back for more updates! Also, if you're really interested, follow me on twitter  where i'll be tweeting live updates! I'll be using the hashtag: #TheCleanse. It's a bit dramatic I know, but that's just who I am!

Wish me luck!

xo Sydney 

April 8, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday!

Hello people! If the title of this posts confuses you, don't worry I will explain! Today I'm doing something a bit different! I'm participating in Jacky's (of Keep Calm and Blog On) Tuesday link-up! It's adorably named 'Tea Party Tuesday' and I'm one of the co-hosts this week! Exciting right? So read on to find out a little bit more (the rest is in Jacky's words) and then be sure to join the link-up at the end!

Here we go...

One of the best parts about blogging is meeting new friends from across the world. I've done this by participating in many link-ups and blog networks over the past year. After much deliberation, I've decided it's time to start my own. Since my blog has a major British theme going on, I thought a weekly tea party would be the perfect way to bring bloggers together. Of course you don't actually have to drink tea while you link up... but it is preferred! The rules are pretty simple - you can link up ANY type of post you'd like (fashion, travel, recipes, etc). I just ask that you link back and follow me and whoever might be co-hosting. 
Speaking of co-hosts - if you're interested in co-hosting a future Tea Party Tuesday, please email me here

The Rules:
1. Link up ANY post and link back here.
2. Follow Keep Calm and Blog On and your co-hosts.
3. Visit at least three other bloggers below and say hello.

Sip your tea and nibble your crumpets - let's hop to it...

Keep Calm and Blog On

April 6, 2014

March Favorites

It's already April, so that means it's time for my favorite products of March! This post is a little bit late but April is always one of the busiest months (hello final exams!) and this one is proving to be quite the beast. Before I disappear from the blogosphere a bit in favor of textbooks, I felt I must share all the products I've loved this past month!

1. Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
I got this product in my March blogger swap box  and I've been using it every night since! Before I found this stuff, pretty much every eye makeup remover burned my eyes. Even the ones marketed as 'gentle' or for 'sensitive eyes'. I have crazy sensitive eyes, so most products give me blood shot eyes for days! Rather than looking like a stoner, I'll stick with this stuff!

2. Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
What I like most about this mascara is that it's 'washable'. Meaning it doesn't smudge as easily as regular mascara (and lasts a really long time!) but you don't have to scrub and scrub at your eyes to get it off. Like I said before, my sensitive eyes really can't stand all the scrubbing to get off waterproof mascara. Plus, when I'm tired the last thing I want to do is a 20 minute routine just to get off my eye makeup. Maybelline makes some of my favorite mascaras and this one is no exception!

3. Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel 
I don't have full on acne, so I use this stuff as mostly a preventative measure. I love that you can use this all over your face without it completely drying out your skin. I've found that just a thin layer all over in the morning and evening really keeps your skin spotless! Also, since it's Clinique, it's gentle (breaking news: my skin is super sensitive) and doesn't make your skin red and flaky! Who doesn't want that?

4. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer 
 I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to putting on body lotion. I rarely ever do it and my skin is starting to suffer because of it! I love the feeling of smooth, moisturized skin but I'm just too lazy. The solution? This stuff! It's super quick to spray on and doesn't leave you sticky and greasy for hours. Somehow it manages to be super lightweight but still moisturizing. Not sure how this is possible, but I love it! Also, it smells great.

5. Republic of Tea 'Get Gorgeous' 
Half tea, half beauty product! I mentioned this tea in my 'tea time' post a little while back and it's by far my most loved drink this month! While I can't promise it'll make you gorgeous (I'm still waiting on that myself) it does taste amazing. It's sweet and really fruity, which is my favorite kind of tea. If you love tea as much as I do, you really need to try this!

6. Maybelline color Show Nail Lacquer in 'An Old Flame'
Ok, this product wins the 'biggest surprise' of the month. I picked this up as an impulse buy from Target. Target is an extremely dangerous place for me. I go in for toilet paper and I come out having spent over $100. Every. Single. Time. Anyway, I wanted to try a new red polish to I randomly grabbed this. Little did I know it would turn out to be so amazing! The color isn't anything new, but the lasting power was amazing! Seriously I painted my nails and they lasted over 5 days. For me, that's a new record. Usually, I'm lucky if my nail polish doesn't chip after 24 hours. Everyone try this and report back to me on how long it lasts, because I really hope my theory isn't wrong.

What were your favorite products of the month?

xo Sydney

April 4, 2014

Awkward O.O.T.D

If you've read my Twitter bio you know I'm one of the most #awkward people around. Most fashion bloggers take outfit pictures in beautifully landscaped parks, macaron shops, or French cafes. Where do I take mine? In sketchy hotel rooms (don't ask). I mean, I know I claim to be 'sophisticated' but that's actually complete bullshizz. I feel bad for lying, but now you know.

Anyway, on to the outfit! 

I really should have edited these pictures before I posted them on the internet. Then again, that would take away from the awkward-ness. But really, these pics are so terrible, I'm actually embarrassed by them. But, you know what they say, "If you're not embarrassed by something, you shouldn't post it."* Regardless, I hope you like this outfit and can look past the hideous decor of an Orlando Hilton. I will be back with another awkward ootd soon! 

xo Sydney

**No one actually says this. If they do, they're not a reliable source of information. DO NOT listen to them...or me.

April 3, 2014

Nordstrom Giveaway!

 Happy Thursday everyone!

The week is flying by and I'm not complaining! So, in case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty crazy about giveaways and I'm a part of another one! I just love giving people free stuff, what can I say? This is another group giveaway, so special thanks to Caroline from The Caro Diaries for setting this one up!

For this giveaway, you can win a $100 gift card to Nordstrom! If there's one thing you need to know about me, know that Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores! It's pretty much the only store that sells all of my favorite brands in one place! Tory Burch? Yep! Kate Spade? You bet! Longchamp? Got that too!

There are SO many things you could buy with this card so get to entering! The giveaway closes in exactly 1 week so do it now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

xo Sydney  

April 2, 2014

Pretty in Pink

I have a confession to make...

I really want to dye my hair pink. Yes, you read that correctly. PINK! I'm really not sure how or why this started but somehow this crazy idea is really sticking to me.

I've been longing to make a change with my hair for a while now and I think this might be the perfect way! It's super edgy and totally unlike me! I definitely wouldn't dye it completely because I don't want to ruin my hair with bleach. However, I think a few pink highlights peeking out (like the pic of Nina Dobrev above!) could be really cute!

What do you think? Should I try it out? Tell me in the comments, I really need your opinion!

xo Sydney