March 10, 2014

Manicure Monday


It's mani Monday! I know, I know, I just did a post about nail polish last Thursday. But honestly, I've really been loving nail polish lately, and I'm not sure why! For someone as perpetually lazy as I am, changing my nail polish twice in five days is a huge deal! Usually I just let my nail polish go until it's all chipped off. It's disgusting, but hey, it's the truth.

This time I chose another old favorite of mine, Essie's 'Butler Please'. Essie is probably my favorite brand of nail polish. I'm sure I'm mentioned that a thousand times before, but really, I love their color selection and formula! It always lasts a really long time on my nails. And again, because I'm so lazy, that's really important! 

I love, love, love this color because it's cobalt blue! I love cobalt blue so much I actually dedicated an entire blog post to it! This color is pretty daring for me, but I love that it still manages to look really chic. Edgy + chic = the perfect combo! 

What are you wearing on your nails this week? Any shade or brand I need to try next week? Tell me in the comments! 

xo Sydney


  1. This nail polish colour looks STUNNING!

  2. I need to get more essie colors... This one looks pretty!

  3. After I started reading this blog I totally started my own manicure mondays. Just did mine at my desk at work lol.

    Camille ♥
    Guilty of Glitz

  4. this colour is amazing! Essie are the best X

  5. I love Essie and all the colors they offer! Any nail polish that lasts longer than a week is automatically a fave in my book!

  6. Love that color! I kinda sorta REALLY need it right meow.