March 6, 2014

I've officially jumped on the waterlogue band wagon. Does this sound like a foreign language? Allow me to enlighten you.

That's waterlogue. Goregous right? Basically, it's an iPhone app that turns your photos into beautiful watercolor paintings in a matter of seconds. I had no idea this app even existed until everyone's favorite blogger Carly (a.k.a The College Prepster ) posted about it. Since I'm a devout reader of her blog, I decided that if it was good enough for her it was good enough for me! Click to see her original post here, it's quite cool!

Anyway, I'm a wannabe Carly-clone so I downloaded it and haven't regretted it since! By the way, it isn't free. I know, I know I complained about it at first too and almost didn't pay for it. Almost.  Honestly, I think it might be the best $3 I've ever spent. Besides the $3 I donated to help feed homeless kids at the grocery store this morning...I guess that was nice, too.

Ok, enough rambling about a stupid app. Just go download it now! Oh, and make sure to post your pics to Instagram so I can see! Follow me here and I'll follow back! I can't wait so see the beautiful works of art y'all come up with! 

What other apps are you loving right now? Anything I NEED to download?! Tell me in the comments!

xo Sydney


  1. What a beautiful app! I've seen some other people I follow post their creations and it's definitely something worth checking out. Don't know if I would want to spend the $3, but you never know! ;)

    My favorite photo app is A Beautiful Mess & Afterlight.

    Mostly Lisa

  2. 'His is gorgeous doll! Thanx for sharing. If I had a smart phone I would definately get this app. The photos are so pretty. Have a fantastic weekend! :)

    [email protected]


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