February Favorites

March 1, 2014

It's officially the first day of March, which means another month has come and gone. It's also Justin Beiber's birthday, so...yeah. Not sure why I even mentioned that because I really don't care. Anyway, it's time for my February favorites! I could gab on about how I can't believe it's March and the year is going by so fast and how my life is flashing before my eyes, but I'm sure you know/understand/have the same feelings so I'll just get to the products I'm loving right now! 

1. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Scrub 
My skin hasn't had the best month. My usual Cetaphil just hasn't been cutting it lately. A friend recommended the Neturogena grapefruit line and I think I'm in love! It's not a miracle product, but it did help. It's also gentle, smells amazing, and it's pink! Bonus points for cuteness, obviously.

2. Estée Lauder 'DayWear' BB Cream 
I think I've found my new favorite makeup item. Ok, that's a pretty big statement, but I'm crazy in love with this BB cream right now. I hate wearing foundation during the day (or anytime really) so this is perfect. It's light, gives just enough coverage, isn't greasy, and has SPF. That's mega-important because I'm lazy and will always forget SPF if it's not in my makeup. 

3. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
 I think I'm obsessed with this brand now. As someone with crazy sensitive skin, this brand is perfect! Everything is gentle yet effective and that combination is extremely hard to find. I think these face pads are the main reason my skin cleared up towards the end of the month. They give you that amazing glow but don't sting or burn the skin.

4. Sour Patch Kids
Ahem. These may be the reason my skin was acting up this month. Actually, my diet in general might be the reason. I've been on a junk food kick lately and it really needs to stop! And it will...tomorrow. 

5. Benefit Fake Up Concealer 
I talked about this when I did the post about all my favorites from Benefit but I've used this religiously this month! It's amazing for underneath you're eyes because it covers dark circles but looks natural. That's the most important thing for me. I hate the look of concealer caked on underneath the eyes. Yuck!

6. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask
 My favorite face mask! I'm not a huge face mask person because most of the time they just really irritate my skin. This one is great because it cleans out those pores but doesn't dry out my skin. Never thought I'd fine one that does that! Seriously, all face masks dry out my skin. Even 'hydrating' ones! It's frustrating, but now that I found one that I like I'm sticking with it!

7. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Mascara
Two Estée Lauder products in one post? I think another brand favorites might be in order because I'm loving all of their stuff lately--or at least the two products I've tried. This mascara rivals the Benefit 'They're real!" as my favorite mascara. The length you get from this mascara is incredible! It does smudge a bit, but the dramatic look you get is more than worth it!

8. O.P.I Nail Polish in Samoan Sand 
I'm going to go ahead and declare this the most perfect nude shade ever. Ever! It's the only color I've worn all month. I could probably wear it everyday for the rest of my life and be just fine. Seriously, it goes so well with my skin tone because it's a slightly pink and apricot toned nude. Plus, nude nails make me look chic and sophisticated--well, as much as nail polish can.

So that's it for February favorites! I'd love to know the products you were obsessed with this month, so tell me in the comments! I'm looking for products to try out in March so please give me some awesome suggestions!

xo Sydney

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  1. I totally laughed when I saw Sour Patch Kids! Too funny!


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