March 16, 2014

Kate Spade Giveaway!

Happy Sunday!

Confession: giveaways are probably my favorite thing to do now! After my first giveaway ended last week, I couldn't wait to do an another one! So this week, I'm lucky enough to be a part of not one, but two amazing group giveaways! The first one up is a big one. Snaps for Allison of Allison Leighann for being the mastermind behind all this. She's amazing, and I know you'll love her blog so go check it out! Anyway, back to the giveaway! For this one I teamed up with 13 other fabulous bloggers to give one lucky reader of our blogs an amazing prize: a Kate Spade gift card! Y'all know how much I love Kate Spade...I'm dying to enter this myself! That's not allowed though, so please enter so I can live vicariously through you! There are also two other amazing prizes that the winner will also receive. Check it out:

$100 to Kate Spade
Bow Decal
Half Glitter/Half Pink Canvas

There aren't many rules - participants can be from anywhere!
However, please do not follow someone to just unfollow them a day later.

Entries will be checked!

So please make sure to be honest with your entries. :)
I wish you all good luck and hope you find these women to be as charming and beautiful as I do.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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xo Sydney


  1. If I won the Kate Spade gift card, I would have to consult my lovely HCBN ladies for help deciding what to get. I'm so indecisive!

    xo, TCG

  2. i hope i would win! :) wish me lots and lots of luck!

    Pudding Monster