Mind the GAP

March 11, 2014

Confession time: I've recently fallen in love with everything on the Gap website! In all honesty, I used to think that Gap was the ugly stepsister to J. Crew. I couldn't have been more wrong! Their new spring arrivals have me drooling! Check 'em out:

 Pastels and stripes galore! I think I seriously just fell in love! I did place a big order last week and once it comes in I'm planning on doing a haul/outfit posts with all my new goodies!

What are some brands you're loving for spring? Any surprises?! Please share in the comments I'm still looking to expand my spring/summer wardrobe!

xo Sydney  

All images from Gap 


  1. I love Gap!! I was just there this weekend and bought some great stuff!


  2. I used to feel the same way about Gap until I worked for them for a year. My mind completely changed after figuring out what pieces go together and creating outfits for customers! I LOVE their clothes! I can't wait to see everything you purchased!

    1. Yeah, I never paid much attention to them but boy was I wrong!!

  3. In love with the top row!
    That striped dress is made from the translucent top.
    I've been a sucker for yellow lately, so that dress is also a winner!
    The bright skinnies, scarf, and neutral shade long sleeve shirt has my heart. Definitely something you'd find me in.
    I honestly don't keep up with fashion too well besides you amazing fashion bloggers, so I can't pick a brand. :/
    I do love your picks though!!


    1. I love the bright skinnies look! Especially that scarf, I'm mad I didn't buy it and I might just have to go back!!

  4. I am completely and insanely obsessed with all things Gap. I think they have taken over 90% of my wardrobe. You should also try zara they always have really great florals. I'm also anticipating anthropolgie to have some pretty great things. Can't wait to see what you got.

    Guilty of Glitz

    1. I LOVE zara and anthropologie! and now I love Gap too! Haha thanks for reading!


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