August 28, 2014

The Essentials

This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ah, college.
It's the best of times, it's the worst of times...but mostly the worst of times. I kid of course, but honestly, I have those moments (more often than not) where I find myself in a less-than-ideal situation. For example, just this afternoon I got trapped in the rain, locked out of my apartment and a nasty blister (probably from the wet shoes). Oh, and all this happened after my iPhone battery died. I probably shouldn't blame this on college, but I want to blame it on something, so college it is.
What's the point of all this rambling? College--nay, life in general--brings some unfortunate and unavoidable situations. Though they're bound to happen to us all, there's good news: you can (and must) plan ahead. So now, I present the things I always wish I had but still can never remember to actually bring. Do as I say, friends, not as I do and you will go far in life.

Random things you won't think you really need until you do:

-Headphones...because walking around campus without music is the worst. yourself a favor and teach yourself how to use a planner. You will not remember everything you have to do tomorrow, I promise.'ll lose more pairs of earrings than you ever thought possible. Where do they go? Don't ask.

-Advil...self-explanatory. Buy a lot of it. won't think you need it until you step off the bus into 90% humidity and you're hair goes crazy. is not a Rhianna song. No one will let you stand under their umbrella-ella-ella. So bring your own.

-Earplugs...maybe I'm just scared for life because I had a roommate that snored like a congested old man, but they really do come in handy.

-iPhone Charger...there will be a time when you're phone is dying and it will be the time when you need your phone the most. Don't chance it.

-Tic Tacs...for the time when you forgot to brush you're teeth before that 8 a.m. class. Don't pretend like it hasn't happened to you.

-Compact Mirror...typically I live by the "ignorance is bliss" rule, but there could be a time when you need to spy on someone behind you.

-Hair Ties...revert back to the 90% humidity thing. The same situation applies here.

-Pencils...yes pencils, not pens. Pens can't go through the Scantron machine and then you'll fail the test, then the class and you're whole life will be ruined.

-Flash everything. Even things you think you'll never need again. You never know what you've got till it's gone.

-Lip Balm...chapped lips are gross. That's all.

-Hand Sanitizer...because buses are dirty, other people are dirty, desks are dirty, the whole world is just dirty.

-Band-Aids...think of how many band-aids you think you'll need and then triple it. That's about half of what you'll actually need. Stock up, becuase nothing can ruin your day like a blister can.

Last but not least are my probably my favorite find of this back-to-school season: Brita® Waterbottles. Seriously these things are genius. Lots of Brita® products are great (the faucet filter is literally a life-saver) but this one is perfect for saving you from those nasty on campus water fountains. All you have to do is fill it up and the built in filter gets rid of all the bad stuff. No more nasty water that tastes like metal! It's always way more environmentally friendly, since you won't be wasting all those plastic water bottles. They're available at Target (a.k.a. everyone's favorite store) and come in in lots of different colors and patterns, so by all means, go check it out.


What are your back to school essentials?

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August 25, 2014

Do What You Love

Today marks my first day of school and while I’m more than ready to get on with the semester, this period of transition has never been easy for me.  Growing up, I carried the same sentiments. I was always more than ready to go back but dreaded the massive build-up (hurray for a fresh start!) and consequent let down (oh wait, I have to actually do work) of the ‘back to school’ season. Now that I’m in college, I feel an entirely new pressure this time of year. With every new semester I inch closer and closer to graduation. It once felt like a far off destination I would never reach, but now suddenly looms in my very near future.

This summer marked a serious turning point in my college career. I had to face that obnoxious question every 20-something must conquer on their path to self-actualization.

"So, what do you want to do?" 

Every time I hear this question, I cringe. Sometimes I'll lie, and answer what I think the recipient wants to hear. Typically that response ranges from doctor, lawyer, or engineer, depending upon the person. Other times I answer it (honestly) with the classic, "You know, I'm not really sure yet." The reason I'm OK with lying is because the response to the latter typically isn't great. That #JudgingYou look is all too familiar for me. While I try to cut myself some slack, I'm still a 20-year-old born right in the middle of the work-a-holic millennial generation. Not having a solid answer to that question irritates me to the core.

It's funny to think how much things change in a year. My freshman year, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do, so I tried out as many different things as I could. My hope was that something would 'click' and I would instantly know that I was on the right path. Last year at this time, however, I was pretty certain I had my life figured out. After shifting between many different career paths, I settled on something that I thought was the right choice for me. Turns out, settling was exactly what I was doing. I was settling on something that I thought others deemed worthy for me to do. It wasn't necessarily what I loved to do, but that hardly mattered to me. Other people seemed to be impressed by it, so that was enough to keep me going... for a short while. Not surprisingly, early on last semester, I realized I didn't want to do that anymore. That 'click' I talked about earlier never really happened. 

After bouncing around from dream-to-dream and a summer in NYC doing lots of different things to try and find my passion, I decided that this semester I would just chill out. That doesn't mean I won't be doing anything. No, I'm physically incapable of sitting still for more than 10 minutes. I mean that I'm going to do what I want to do, and nothing else. I'm going to blog, even if some of my friends think it's weird. I'm going to write, write and write some more because I love doing it. I'm going to explore different parts of the city I go to school in that I never paid attention to before. I'm going to go get Steak N' Shake with my friends at 3:00 in the morning, even if that means studying less for an exam. I'm going to spend a lot of time on social media. I'm going to do what I love and love what I do.

…and you should too. 

August 20, 2014

August Playlist

Since playlists are probably my favorite thing in the entire world, here's what I've been listening too lately:
Once again, this is a pretty random group of songs, but there is never a method to my madness. From  the two Maroon 5 songs on there I'm clearly not at all excited for their new album to come out in a couple weeks.

Side note: I found a super cool new widget from Amazon, so you can listen to all of the songs! Listen away, my friends:

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August 18, 2014

Very Vintage

I've mentioned before that I have a secret love of interior design. Ok, I guess if I've mentioned it before, it's not really a secret, but I digress. I moved into a new apartment recently which for me was exceptionally exciting. A fresh start and a chance to decorate a whole new space is what I basically live for.

I recently discovered a little website called Charish (see what they did there?) and my love for home decor went through the roof (see what I did there?). Anyway, I wish I could I say I'm the blogger with the impeccable eye, who can flawlessly pair a vintage couch with IKEA bookshelves and have it look straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. If I ever try to sell you that idea, don't buy it.

Though I wasn't blessed with a perfect eye, I can still appreciate amazing vintage pieces when I see one, and that's what Charish is all about. What's unique about the website is not only can you buy awesome vintages pieces, but you can sell awesome vintage pieces. If you have a piece you just can't fit into your space, you can sell it on the site! Just looking at all their adorable accessories is making me seriously second-guess my decorating choices. They have some awesome pieces on the site right now--check out some of my picks below:

I chose most of the pieces around that amazing blue accent chair. I love the idea of choosing one great vintage piece, and designing an entire room around it. Chairish has a pretty amazing selection of accent chairs right now so definitely check them out!

Have you moved recently? How would you sum up your style? Vintage, modern, somewhere in between? Tell me, tell me! 

Note: This post was not sponsored. I was not compensated in any way for this post--I just did it because they're cool!

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August 11, 2014

Fall Fashions

Fall is by far my favorite season. It's weird that I say that considering I live in Florida where fall is basically just an extension of summer. We might get a 'cold' front around November that dips down into the 60's, but besides that, it's just as hot and humid as any other time of year. Fall fashions are just the best, and I can't wait for the day I get to stock my closet with puffer coats, Bean Boots, cashmere--the works! Let it be known: I'm making a mad dash for the North as soon as I graduate college. 

Regardless of where I live at the moment, I can still daydream about my ideal fall wardrobe right? Of course I can! Naturally, most of my picks are from J. Crew but J.Crew Factory also has some amazing fall staples right now! I almost (almost!) bought one of the famous herringbone vests just in case Florida decided to cut me some slack with the humidity. Unfortunately, a vest like that deserves to leave my closet more than once a year, so I'll have to wait. Oh how I yearn for fall layers!

What wardrobe staples will you be loving this fall? Tell me in the comments!

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August 7, 2014

The College Culinista

I know, I know... I promised August 5th. I really should have known better than that!

My original deadline was (as I embarrassingly dedicated an entire post to) supposed to be August 5th. That day came and went and of course, my new project wasn't ready to be announced. But now, practically 3 days late, I'm finally ready to announce my new site...

The College Culinista

Yep, it's a food blog! But not just a regular food blog, it's a cool food blog. 

Oddly enough, I used to cook all the time in middle and high school. Seriously, all the time! I was known to all of my friends as the official baker. I would bake cakes for every special occasion and cookies just because. However, once I went to college, things really started to shift. I got a lot busier and cooking just became a hassle. I didn't enjoy it like I used to.

While I was in NYC I think I re-found my passion for cooking. Probably because the food in the city is just so amazing, it's impossible not to be inspired by it! Therefore, the idea for this blog was born. I'm going to (attempt to) re-create all of my favorite recipes both old and new...but with a twist! Since college has still transformed me into one of those "I don't have time for anything" zombies, the recipes are going to be easy with minimal ingredients and effort required. I'm also going to throw in the occasional health-conscious option in there.

I hope you'll follow along with me on this new journey! Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I hope that makes it even more fun (and funny) to experience with me. I don't have any recipes up at the moment, but that will change very, very soon!

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