May 29, 2014

Getting Juicy With It

To be honest, I've had a really hard time jumping on the juicing bandwagon. I love the idea of getting all my vegetables in one easy swig, but I've found it's easier said than done. I wish I could tell you that I get up every morning, whip out my juice bullet and start the day like glowing, green-loving goddess. If I ever try to tell you that, I'm definitely lying. The truth is, I hate the taste of most vegetables (even in juice form!) and most days I'm too darn lazy for all the prep and clean-up that DIY juicing entails. I'm also too darn cheap to dish out $10 a bottle for something organic and cold-pressed from Whole Foods. Mostly because I'm not even sure what 'cold-pressed' really means.

But because I'm a beauty blogger and oh-so-trendy, I decided to stop being so lazy and wipe off the (rather thick) layer of dust collecting on my juicer. To my surprise, I found a combination of produce that doesn't suck.

Because if you drink a green juice and don't Instagram it, it didn't actually happen

But before I get into that, I feel compelled to share a bit of a disclaimer. That is, there is still a rather long list of 'forbidden fruits' (that also includes vegetables) that I will not, under any circumstances, force myself to drink. I'm sorry but I just can't do it. This includes, but isn't limted to:

1. Kale--yeah, yeah I know: kale is a super-food. It's amazing, has a million different nutrients and can cure basically any disease. Regardless, I don't like it. It tastes bitter and horrible and awful. I have a theory that everyone who says they like kale is actually lying. No, kale chips DO NOT taste just like/better than regular potato chips and they never will. That's all I have to say on this topic.

2. Broccoli -- yes, I actually tried to juice this. I have no idea why/have no defense for myself. Let's just move on.

3 Carrots -- for whatever reason, I detest raw carrots. Cook carrots I can stomach just fine, but raw carrots literally make me vomit (TMI?!). Really, I have no idea why this is, so I'll just leave it at that.

4. Cucumber--so this list is turning out to be longer than expected, but I have a very refined (aka picky) palette. But really, cucumber is just gross. When you put cream cheese on it and make a sandwich, it's great. When you juice it, it's horrible. For me, even the smallest sliver of cucumber makes the entire juice taste like it and I just can't deal.

Now there are actually more things I can't be bothered with (beets, I'm looking at you) but we should really move on to the whole point of this: the recipe I actually do enjoy. So here it is:

Sydney's World Famous Super Tasty Green Juice Concoction Thingy* 

 *(I'm working on trademarking that, so no one steal it) 

It includes:


So, you're probably thinking "wow, that was really anti-climactic. I've had that combo a thousand times." But if you are thinking that, I'd appreciated it if you kept your thoughts to yourself. I'm super proud of this juice and that's all that matters.

I like to call this the 'wimp' juice. Basically it's a juice for people who don't like vegetables or being healthy, but want to trick themselves into thinking they're healthy. I'm sure any health-nuts reading this are shaking their heads in dismay. But whatever, just go back to taking your wheatgrass shots and let me do my own thing!  

For me, I've found that this makes the perfect balance between tasting good and actually being good for you. I like the spinach because I don't taste it, but it still makes the juice really green so I can feel like I'm doing something healthy (and get a good Instagram picture, obviously).  Also, I love grapefruit juice, so I had to include that, and the apple balances it all out so it's slightly sweet and not too sour. The ginger I just like adding because it feels exotic and worldly and like I actually know what I'm doing. Ginger is also really good for you in a thousand different ways that I don't remember right now. I threw the pineapple and lemon in on a whim, but sometimes I leave it out. It's a nice addition, but sometimes I get too lazy to cut up a pineapple. I get a lazy a lot, in case you couldn't already tell.

So what do you think? Would you try my combination? Are you a juice lover? What's your go-to combo? Tell me in the comments and really sell me on it! If you're convincing enough, I just might branch out! 

xo Sydney

May 23, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend everyone! In case you haven't noticed, I've been taking a bit of a blogging break recently. This is simply because I want to truly relax and enjoy my short little break before I jet off to NYC. I hope you all have a fabulous (long!) weekend and have fun plans for memorial day. I'll be back on Tuesday with lots of exciting new content! Seriously people, grab a seat belt and a helmet, because it's going to be a fun ride! Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks for a complete overhaul/redesign! I'm super excited about everything that is about to come, so please excuse my excessive use of exclamation points (!!!!!).  


May 18, 2014

Beauty Scenario TAG

I say this in every tag post that I do, but I really love tag posts. The beauty scenario one has been sitting on my to-do list for a while now, so it's about time I do it! Basically, there are 8 questions (all different beauty scenarios) and I have to say what I would do in each situation. This tag looked like a lot of fun, but it was actually super hard! So if it looks interesting, I definitely tag you to give a shot! Now, let's get started with my answers:

1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
This one was pretty easy. High end: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Drugstore: Revlon Colorstay 

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
This one was extremely difficult. My initial reaction was "definitely don't say anything" but what if it's her way of testing your honesty? Gah, this is hard! I would still probably not say anything, just because I'm such an awkward person and I don't think our relationship would ever recover from the awkward-ness of that situation.

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
Definitely, my fave lipstick ever: MAC's Russian Red.

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?
Ok, so I'm techinically still a teenager for the next 6 weeks but I definitely have my fair share of horror stories. I used to wear bright pink eye shadow circa the 5th grade that was just horrible. I also wore my hair in a pony tail every. single. day. I also had horrible, frizzy bangs. Yeah, I was cute!

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical b) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) Complain to the manager and demand a refund.
Because I'm so emotionally attached to my hair I don't think I would be able to contain my emotions if this ever happened. So my answer would definitely be B. But since I have serious trust issues with hairdressers, I'm constantly monitoring their every move, so this scenario is pretty unlikely.

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
I'm going to have to be basic here and pick the Naked 3 palette. It's definitely my favorite out of the 3 and just one of my favorite palettes in general. 

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe?
Hmmmm....I can't say I would be that devastated if my beauty stash was the only thing raided. Now, if my hair products were raided that would be a different story! But as far as beauty products go, probably my Chanel foundation would be the worst-case scenario. I seriously love that stuff.

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven't noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs.
Since I'm pretty passive aggressive and sarcastic I would probably say something like "oh...thanks for taking such great care of this." Basically, I would hint at the fact that they should do something about it. I definitely don't recommend that, but hey, I never said I was a role model.

So, what did you think? How would you deal in these scenarios? If this tag looks interesting, definitely give a try and leave the links to your posts in the comments! I can't wait to read some of your answers!

xo Sydney 

May 17, 2014

Congrats, Grad!

It's that time of year again: graduation season! Although I feel more than ready to graduate, I still have two more years of college life to brave through. However, that doesn't mean I can't celebrate all of my lovely friends that are graduating!

Graduation is one of life's milestones that can't be missed and it should be celebrated! eBay is known for helping people get great deals, so this year you can score some awesome stuff for your graduates. We're talking TV's, cameras, designer handbags, jewellery, clothes, everything! Anyone who creates #GiftsForGrads collections on eBay is entered to win $500 to shop on eBay!

 Shop my #GiftsForGrads collections here!   


While you're there, don't forget to create your own collections! If you're a graduate, this can easily be a wishlist to ensure you get everything on your list (and nothing you don't want!). 

Are you graduating this year? What items are on your wishlist? What do you plan on giving the graduates in your life? Tell me in the comments! 

xo Sydney 

Disclaimer: I received compensation from eBay and HerCampus to write this post and create my collections. All opinions are my own. 

May 16, 2014

Weekend Wishlist #5

Remember these?! Yeah, I don't either.

I used to do these posts routinely every week, but then just completely stopped for some reason. Probably because my serious A.D.D. kicked in. I get bored in any sort of routine, and yes, that also includes any type of 'series' posts. I randomly thought about them this week and decided to bring it back! I think it's a fun way to close the week and drool over a bunch of things that I want but don't need/can't afford.

As I prep for my summer in NYC (23 days and counting people!) I have been making list after list of everything I'm going to need. Spoiler alert: I have a lot of lists. One of the most important things for me was a new work-appropriate wardrobe and a new bag. Naturally, I fell in love with this one from Kate Spade. It's the 'Park Avenue Sweetheart' style and that name couldn't be more perfect. Would I love to be a Park Avenue sweetheart? Yes please! 

I've also been thinking about my beauty routine. I'm definitely going to have to scale back! I've only been to the city once in the summer before and it was hot. I'm a Floridian, so the heat I can handle, but having the city all over my face (the dirt, pollution, sweat etc.) is going to be something different. The new foundation from bareMinerals looks right up my alley! I haven't tried it, but it's supposed to be natural looking and a serum foundation, so it has awesome benefits for your skin! I love any product that combines skin care and makeup in one. 

What products are you lusting after right now? Do you love any of the products on my wishlist? Tell me in the comments! 

xo Sydney

May 15, 2014

An Ode to Dry Shampoo

We've all been there: the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. sharp, but you slap the snooze button a few times and before you know it, you have ten minutes to get ready and out the door. By the time you make it to the bathroom and switch on the lights, you take a glance in the mirror and realize that your hair is a giant grease-ball. "Oh yeah," you remember suddenly, "I was supposed to get up early and shower this morning."

Does this sound familiar? If not, I applaud you! If it does, don't worry, I'm right there with you. This is where my miracle in a bottle comes in: dry shampoo. Honestly, to say dry shampoo is a miracle is probably an understatement for me. It's truly saved my life (or at least my hair) on multiple occasions. To say I've tried a few different brands, is also an understatement. Trust me when I say that all dry shampoos are not created equal! From the good, the bad, and the ugly--I've tried them all!

While perusing the aisles of Target recently, however, I managed to discover the perfect dry shampoo. Ok, maybe I shouldn't claim that just yet, but it's extremely close. Allow me to introduce you to the Pantene 'Blowout Extend' dry shampoo. 

This stuff is amazing. Believe me when I say that I am extremely lazy, so when I blow dry my hair, I'm not washing it for a solid three days after.  Unfortunately, I have long, thick locks, so the grease monster tends to creep up on me around the beginning of day 2. This is where Pantene comes in to save the day. I wasn't expecting much from this stuff, because I haven't had great luck with drugstore dry shampoos. This baby proved me wrong!

It wasn't chalky and didn't leave my dark hair with a funny gray tint to it, which is usually a big issue for me! It also did the job and did it well. Some dry shampoos actually make my hair look greasier. Not sure how that happens, but it does. Admittedly, I have a pretty long list of demands when it comes to dry shampoo. So when I found one that checks all the boxes for only $7 I was ecstatic!

Are you as crazy for dry shampoo as I am? Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

May 14, 2014

Community's Greatest Hits

Sad news came to me this past week: one of my favorite shows, Community, is being cancelled! Honestly, I love the show, but I can't say that I'm surprised. It's been a rough road for us community fans but if you've stuck with the show from the beginning, you know how hilarious/awesome it truly is.

I was pretty upset about it being cancelled and a lot of my friends asked me "Why do you care? I never really got that show." I think that's exactly the problem. The show was kind of an acquired taste and you had to have a pretty specific sense of humor to really get into it. I'm a huge fan of Joel McHale (watch The Soup people!) so I get his style and comedy.

I felt like the best way to explain why I love the show was to show you why it's so funny! Also, it's a great sort-of eulogy to one of my favorite shows. Seriously people, it didn't run for that long, but I feel like I grew up with this show! I started watching it my freshman year of high school, so the fact that it's cancelled kind of freaks me out! Nostalgia aside, let's get to all the hilarious moments!

My top 5 'Community' moments (in no particular order):

1. Troy and Abed in the morning: 

2. Spanish rap 

3. Senor Chang just being himself 

4. Paintball 

5.  Dean Pelton's Rap 

Obviously, only including 5 moments in this list was extremely difficult, but I didn't want to make this post crazy long. I could make a list of about 100 Community moments that I loved, but these 5 really stand out in my mind!

Do you watch/love Community? What are some of your favorite moments? Discuss with me in the comments!

xo Sydney

May 12, 2014

Struggling with Comparisons

"Comparison is the thief of joy." 

You may or may not have noticed that I've been posting less recently lately and the quality of my posts hasn't been the greatest.  This is mostly because final exams crept up on me and when something counts as 40% of your overall grade...well, it's hard to ignore! But I've been on summer break for almost two weeks now and blogging just isn't quite feeling the same. I haven't been enjoying it as much as I used to.

I think (actually, I know) this is because I have the wrong intentions. Blogging has become (like most things in my life) a competition and not a hobby. To be frank, I've been focusing way too much on numbers. I think it's incredibly hard not to get caught up in that, especially as a new blogger. Being the competitive person I am, I have to admit that it's sometimes hard for me to see other people prosper and my numbers stay the same. It's dusgusting, I know.

I know that comparing myself to other bloggers isn't going to make my blog better. In fact, it's doing the exact opposite--it's holding me back. There are tons of gorgeous, amazing, talented bloggers out there and I'm lucky enough to know a lot of them! They're my friends, not my competition. Maybe my blog will turn into a multi-million dollar fashion empire....maybe (probably) it won't.  Either way, I'm still going to blog and enjoy doing it. 

While it's all fine and good that I have a new outlook on blogging, I'm still dealing with the bigger issue here. Constantly comparing myself to other people is something I've been struggling with for a long, long time. I do it often and I do it well. Sometimes I'm conscious of it but usually I don't even realize that I do it. It's became a sort of 'default' setting that my brain automatically goes into. Scary, huh?

I touched on this breifly in my lessons from sophomore year post, but comparing yourself and trying to do a thousand things to keep up with people is only going to make you miserable. For example, I constantly compare myself to my 'friends.' I put quotes around 'friends' because I probably won't talk to any of these people post-graduation. I think we all have these people in our lives. The people who seem nice on the outside but somethings just not quite right about them. You know those friends whose compliments make you say 'Thank you?' instead of 'Thank you!' because you're not really sure if they actually complimented or insulted you. Yeah, those people you should probably just stay away from.

I go to a really big school, so they're lots of different people here. But naturally I've gravitated towards the career-minded, uber-competitive kids, because they're just like me. This isn't a bad thing, but often some of my 'friends' on campus won't even stop to talk to me. Typically it's because they're president of club A, B and C and have to run off to some meeting. "Oh I'm just so busy!" they'll say in a tone of condescension. It's as if they pity me for having the time to stop and eat lunch. So naturally, I start thinking: 'Is it wrong that I have a half hour to spare? Am I not doing enough?'

 All of my 'friends' had their days planned to every last second, and I spent the majority of my time eating Ben & Jerry's and watching Arrested Development for the 4th time on Netflix. So basically, this last semester, I realized I had to wanted to get my S#$% together, so I did 3 internships and joined every club I possibly could. Spoiler alert: that didn't work out for me too well.

While I think it's something I'll always struggle with to a certain extent,  I'm now consciously making an effort to overcome it. This is because it's gotten exponentially worse over the last few months.  It's starting to interfere with my life in ways I wasn't even conscious of until I took a serious step back and evaluated my life. I've realized that I waste so much time comparing myself to other people. I caught myself searching LinkedIn the other day counting internships people in my class have done. "Oh!" I would think, "She's only done 2 and I've done 4--excellent!" or "She's done 5 internships and writes for this magazine and is the president of 3 clubs--What am I doing with my life?" Like I said before, I'm all about numbers, not just when it comes to blogging.  What's even more embarrassing is that, I found myself doing comparisons far crazier than that. "Oh my god," I thought, "She went to Yale, Harvard Law and now is the CEO of her own company. I go to a state school and I couldn't even pass calculus. I'm a failure."

Honestly, I'm embarrassed now that I type that out and I'm tempted to just delete this whole post. What am I doing comparing myself to a woman thirty years older than me? Yeah, she graduated from Harvard Law. That's amazing for her! That doesn't, however, make me stupid or mean I'm going to fail at life. It all sounds nice and simple when I write it out, but I just go right back to thinking this way later. I think a little comparison to your peers is healthy. But comparing your success to someone in a totally different place in life is just bonkers! Yes, I just said bonkers, because it seemed appropriate.

Again, this is disgusting, and I am fully aware of that fact. Remember that crazy competitive nature I talked about earlier? Yeah, now do you believe me? 

People have told me my entire life that I shouldn't compare what I have to others. I was taught to be grateful for what I had and focus on that. I was taught that there would always be someone smarter, more successful, but that this was all relative. Because of my competitive nature, I absolutely refused to accept this.

I used to equate comparisons to setting goals for myself. I would see someone achieve something, and say to myself "OK, that's what I want have to do next." This couldn't be more wrong. The difference with comparisons is that they can never really be achieved. There will always be something or someone new to compare yourself to. It's a never ending road.

In the end, comparisons are just exhausting. Whenever I catch myself comparing, I think about how much energy I'm wasting on that act. I could easily channel that energy into something else, something positive!

It all gives me serious, serious anxiety. In fact, it gives me so much anxiety that there will probably be another post on how much anxiety I have later. I've got a lot of baggage people. But, back to my point, what's even worse is that it all comes from myself. I control my thoughts and I choose to make these unhealthy comparisons. I can also choose not to make them and that's why I'm trying really hard to do.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a long time. A really long time. A version of this was actually one of the very first blog posts I wrote, but I've never found the courage to hit that little orange 'publish' button. For the most part, I've tried to keep an overall positive, happy vibe on this blog. 

This is mostly because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining or I'm an ungrateful person. One thing I've become conscious of since starting my blog is that it's easy for things to be misinterpreted. I know what my intentions are and that they're coming from a good place, but that doesn't mean it will read that way to someone else. So I hope you understand that I'm not looking for pity, I'm simply sharing my deepest, truest feelings! These feelings might seem like I'm whining to some, but I hope there are more of you that understand and gain something from this post. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this way, and if I am, you reserve the right to tell me how crazy I am. 

But just remember: stop those comparisons, you're worth so much more than that!

xo Sydney 

P.S. That was CRAZY long! If any of you actually read this entire post please tweet/facebook/e-mail me so I can give you a check for $1 million dollars*

** disclaimer: I don't actually have a million dollars but I will write you another very long thank you note!

All images from Pinterest

May 10, 2014

Chocolate Chip Pizookies

Happy Saturday everyone! In case you missed it, I guest posted (again!) on my beautiful blogger friend Taylor's blog! This time I shared an amazing deep-dish cookie recipe called 'pizookies.' If you're confused, it's a giant pizza-sized cookie (hence the name pizookie!) and it's amazing. Seriously amazing!

See what I mean? If that doesn't get your mouth watering and tummy growling, nothing will! I also guest posted earlier in the week so you should also go read that if you haven't already! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! 

xo Sydney

May 8, 2014

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

So, I'm not saying that mother's deserve last minute gifts's nearly Friday (as in 2 days until mother's day), and I still haven't gotten my gift yet! Sorry mom, I really do love you but sometimes life just gets in the way. I can't be the only one that waits to buy gifts until the last minute, right? I really hope not.

Fear not though, because I have the Mother's day gift guide to end all gift guides. Thankfully, my mom is pretty easy to shop for since we have really similar taste. Just give us a bottle of perfume, some flowers or a cute pair of PJ's and we'll be happy! So keep reading to see my picks for this year and also stay tuned until the end because I have an awesome promo from the European Wax Center for you all!

 (random note: This isn't a pic of me and my mom...I have no idea who they are but they look friendly don't they?)

Now for the promotion! Ever heard of the European Wax Center? I've been getting my eyebrows waxed there for a while now and I love it! I've had some pretty traumatizing eyebrow experiences before (read: they've basically been waxed off before) so I'm extremely picky with who I trust! However, I've always had fabulous results with the EWC and I won't go anywhere else! 
So to celebrate mother’s day (and my love of waxing—TMI?) I teamed up with Her Campus and the EWC to bring you an amazing promotion! A day of European pampering with your mom is the ultimate way to relax while spending time together. When you book yourself for any services at European Wax Center on the phone and say the code “Her Campus” through May 31, your mom can get a matching service of her choice for free! Find your nearest European Wax Center location here and call to make a reservation! BOGO spa services? Yes please!

You can also enter European Wax Center’s Mother’s Day sweepstakes to win beauty treatments for your mom!  Check out European Wax’s Facebook and Twitter pages for opportunities to WIN!

Remember this offer is good for the entire month, but it’s always a great way to have some mother-daughter bonding this weekend! Or next weekend, if you’re a little slow like me. Oops!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Xo Sydney 

Disclaimer: I was provided with products to try from EWC and a small compensation from Her Campus to mention the promo in this post. All opinions are my own.  

May 7, 2014

Lessons From Sophomore Year

 My second year of college is officially over and it was....good, bad and everything in between. Looking back, it was a great year but I certainly hit a low point around January/February. This time, though it wasn't fun, actually helped me learn a lot about myself and just life in general. So while I don't like to get too philosophical and adivce-y on the blog (I just don't feel like I'm qualified--I definitely don't have life figured out!) I wanted to share just a few tidbits of wisdom I learned along the way:

1. When it comes to friends, quality > quantity 
I know, I know, you've this over and over again right. You have boards on Pinterest with some derivative of this advice re-pinned thousands of times. This is a lesson we all hear from the beginning, but, in the end, we all need to have our own experiences to realize just how true it is. I finally figured it out this year, but it definitely wasn't easy. 

2. You don't deserve to be treated like $%&*  
This goes along with #1 but toxic friendships are a waste of your time. Get rid of those people ASAP. It won't be easy and it won't be fun but it will all be worth it. Trust me. I could rant on this topic for hours so maybe I should just write a separate blog post for this doozy... 

3. Getting a 'B' is a blessing 
In high school, getting a B = failing. Period. Now, I'm totally comfortable getting a B. In fact, I think it's fantastic! Whenever I calculate my grades mid-semester, I always think they're going to be way worse than they actually turn out to be. I instantly jump to the worst case scenario and have a panic attack calculating how hard the hit to my GPA will be. But seriously, relax! There is more to life than grades and GPA. 

4. It's also ok to get a 'C' 
Now, I'm not saying I strive to get C's. If I'm being really honest, getting anything below a B does really bother me. Obviously always try your best, but know there might be that one class where you best just isn't good enough (*cough* Calculus *cough*).  Lots of smart people fail classes, it's just a fact of life. You're human and you're going to make mistakes, but one bad grade doesn't define your entire college career. So give yourself a break!

5. Constantly comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere
This feels a bit hypocritical of me to write, because it's something I still struggle with on the daily. But truly, this is a complete waste of time and an insult to yourself. Yet, I still do it! If you ever figure out how to truly master this, please, tell me how. 

6. Just relax, it will be fine 
Again with the hypocrisy thing, I still struggle with this on the daily. I'm the queen of over-thinking things and my mind always jumps to the worst case scenario. Some nights, I would lie awake at night just thinking of everything that could go wrong. Yes, that is horribly unhealthy, but I can't help the way my brain works sometimes. So starting now, I'm making a conscious effort to just chill out. Who's with me?

7. It's alright to say "no"
Don't want to go out to that stinky, sleazy club? Don't want to drive your friends around like you're a school bus? Then don't. Just say no. People pleasing your way through life really won't get you as far as you think it will.

8. You can try and do everything, but you shouldn't. Refer to #6 and focus on doing a few things, but doing them well 
 This year, I kind of went into freak out mode. Everyone around me was busy with clubs and jobs and internships and I wasn't doing anything. So I started doing everything, and all at once. Big mistake. Choosing one or two things and really committing to them wholeheartedly is usually the way to go. Believe me, the whole "quality is better than quantity" thing applies to many different aspects of life.

9. Do what makes you happy 
Don't like your major? Change it. In the end, doing what you love is really the most important thing. Don't let some stupid Yahoo! news article tell you that you'll never get a job if you major in Psychology. Make (well-informed) decisions for yourself, and don't let the negative opinions of others push you to do something you hate. In the end, no six-figure paycheck is worth that.

So that's pretty much it! But now, I'm dying to know your opinions! Do you agree/disagree with my advice? What other lessons do you think are important? Tell me in the comments!

xo Sydney 

May 6, 2014

Guest Posting!

So there isn't a new post here today, but I am guest posting on my lovely friend Taylor's blog! I wrote up a fabulous post all about summer trends so you should definitely go check it out!

 Also, I'm always looking for guest posters for my blog, so if you're a blogger I would love to have you! Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] with your idea and we'll make it happen!

Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday!

 xo Sydney

May 5, 2014

Summer Movie Round-up

I'm a huge fan of going to the movies and really there's not better season for movies (besides Oscar season, I guess) than the summer! I'm a sucker for a good summer blockbuster and this year already looks promising! I have a pretty solid list so far, but the two that stand out are 22 Jump Street and The Fault In Our Stars. I loved 21 Jump Street and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are hilarious together so it's obviously going to be a hit. Honestly, June 13 can't come fast enough! Another obvious pick for me had to be The Fault In Our Stars. The book was amazing and I have a feeling this is going to be THE summer movie (even though it's not a superhero or a re-boot of a famous franchise). I'm not a crier when it comes to movies but I burst into tears every time I see the trailer. Note to self: stock up on Kleenex before daring to enter the theater.

But besides those two, I have a few others I really want to see this summer! Some are a surprise (like Angelina Jolie's Maleficent) and others are obligatory for me (like to see my future husband Andrew Garfield as Spider Man...sorry Emma Stone). Anyway, check out the ones I want to see and leave me some other suggestions, if I missed any that you think are worthy!

1. 22 Jump Street  

2. The Fault In Our Stars 

3. Maleficent 

 4. Godzilla 

5. Amazing Spider Man 2 

That's all for my list, folks! but now I want to know: what's on your must-see list this summer? Do you have one or not a movie fan? Let me know in the comments!

xo Sydney 

all images from Movie Insider

The City So Nice...


...They Named It Twice

In case you all haven't heard me talk about it enough, summer break is coming and it's coming fast! I honestly couldn't be more relieved that this semester is over. Sure, it was full of some great moments (like starting a blog!) but it was also full of stress, uncertainty, tears, chaos, the works! So now that the semester is winding down, what are my plans for summer? Well, I'm so glad you asked (hypothetically, anyway)! 

I'm sure you've guessed from the two photos above, but I'll be in New York City all summer! Honestly people, I don't think I've ever been this excited about anything. Period. Maybe that makes me shallow, or a pessimist or whatever, but it's the truth! I'll be doing an internship but I'll share more on that later. I also might do a weekly update series (sort of an 'intern diaries') but I haven't really planned that out yet. For now, I'm just really looking forward to experiencing the city! Also, I definitely want to incorporate the city more into my blog. Basically, there's a lot of big changes planned for the blog that are coming in the (very) near future so stay tuned! 

What are your summer plans? Will you be in NYC? Let me know, I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers/blog readers! 

xo Sydney

May 3, 2014

Are You a Trendsetter?

I used to think that Keds were a thing of the past. I remember owning a pair in third grade and I wore them to death. As a super stylish 8-year-old (HA!) I refused to wear anything else. After I outgrew those pair, I put Keds in the back of the mind and always assumed they were still for running around on the playground. However, after I heard about this new opportunity and the fact that Keds has joined forces with the likes of Taylor Swift (and Kate Spade in the near future!) I only had two words: yes please!  

The truth is, Keds has a long history that I knew nothing about! Keds truly represents timeless American style because what other shoe that you wore when you were eight is still relevant today? Heeleys I’m looking at you! Seriously, I can’t believe I ever wore those. 

Back to my point! In 1916, Keds created a timeless American original: a shoe with a soft rubber sole, so comfortable and quiet you could "sneak" up on your boyfriend. This original sneaker, called "the Champion," has remained a style icon for almost 100 years. From movie stars, artists and tennis pros, to first ladies and beatniks, just about everyone's had a pair of Keds. As I said earlier, the current face of the brand is Taylor Swift (love!) and they have upcoming collaborations with lots of different brands, including Kate Spade! Yes, I'm freaking out and I can't wait to get my hands on a pair from that collection! 

But before that, they’re launching something just as cool: the Keds “Trendsetter” community! Keds is looking for fashionable females to join their new, exclusive, online communities (one for ages 13–17, another for ages 18–24). This community is a chance for some lucky fashionistas (like you!) to inspire new styles from Keds, while having fun exchanging opinions and tips with each other on a private website anytime, 24/7. Plus, members can earn Keds prizes for sharing ideas often! Membership is completely free, but spots are limited and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. So basically: go sign up right now! Click here to take the survey and join the community!           

What do you think? Will you join the community? What are some of your best memeories wearing Keds? Tell me in the comments! 

xo Sydney 

Disclaimer: I received compensation for writing this post from Her Campus and Keds. This was a one time payment and I will not receive any commission based on whether or not you sign up to a part of the community!

May 2, 2014

The Most Epic of Giveaways

Listen up people: I've done a few giveaways in the past but this one--THIS ONE--tops them all! For this one, 28 of my favorite bloggers have generously teamed up and together we've contributed over $700 in prizes! It's in celebration of Shane (of Whispering Sweet Nothings) 22 birthday, so a major shoutout to her for setting all of this up! Her actual birthday isn't until May 6, but we got so excited putting this together (10 hours later) that it just had to go live today! This is by far the biggest giveaway I've done, so I would love for you all to enter! Check out more details below:
Alisha / Chantilly / Whitney / Megan / Emma / Amy / Allison / Gentri / Emily 
Amy / SydneyCayliKelly / Jenn / Alex / Marquis / Kathryn / Nay
Brooke / Kerry / Emily / Linda / Rachael / Chelsea / Ashley / Brianna / Noor / Kate
Here's the deal: Not one, but SEVEN lucky ladies will win a prize package. Take a look below, there is something everyone is bound to love!
Basic Biotch
$60 Target + $30 Starbucks

Fierce Fashionista
Jewelry + handbag

Eleanor and Park, The fault in our stars, The language of flowers, Right before your eyes + Custom hoop design
Online music lesson + $15 iTunes + $10 TCBY
Beauty Maven
$25 Ulta + 3 months Birchbox + Keratin Treatment
Blogger Shot  Caller
 Custom bloger premim design + $35 Paypal Cash

Blog so hard
3 months large ad Gentri Lee + $30 Olive & Ivy Designs + $15 Clarke Creative 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all who enter and make sure you go wish Shane a happy birthday on her blog!

xo Sydney  

May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday Playlist

For whatever reason, I used to have really good taste in music. I loved 90s and early 2000's alternative rock bands like Radiohead, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Green Day, Blink-182, Weezer etc. Now I'm lazy and pretty much only listen to what's on the radio and reminisce about how good music used to be. Yeah, I'm that girl.

But when I'm studying, my 'Throwback' playlist on Spotify is my best friend! Some listen to Mozart, while I listen to (old) Maroon 5. I have over 150 songs going strong on it right now so that's about ten hours of quality music but I'm always looking to add to it, so definitely tell me some of your favorites!

Of those, my favorite has to be "Teenage Dirtbag." Every time I hear that song I just laugh! And no kids, I'm not talking about One Directions cover of the song. Watch the music video below if you fancy yourself a major throwback moment: 


What are some old songs you love listening to over and over again? Tell me in the comments, I hope I recognize some of them!

xo Sydney