May 5, 2014

The City So Nice...


...They Named It Twice

In case you all haven't heard me talk about it enough, summer break is coming and it's coming fast! I honestly couldn't be more relieved that this semester is over. Sure, it was full of some great moments (like starting a blog!) but it was also full of stress, uncertainty, tears, chaos, the works! So now that the semester is winding down, what are my plans for summer? Well, I'm so glad you asked (hypothetically, anyway)! 

I'm sure you've guessed from the two photos above, but I'll be in New York City all summer! Honestly people, I don't think I've ever been this excited about anything. Period. Maybe that makes me shallow, or a pessimist or whatever, but it's the truth! I'll be doing an internship but I'll share more on that later. I also might do a weekly update series (sort of an 'intern diaries') but I haven't really planned that out yet. For now, I'm just really looking forward to experiencing the city! Also, I definitely want to incorporate the city more into my blog. Basically, there's a lot of big changes planned for the blog that are coming in the (very) near future so stay tuned! 

What are your summer plans? Will you be in NYC? Let me know, I'd love to meet some fellow bloggers/blog readers! 

xo Sydney


  1. how exciting!! will you be all by yourself or do you know people there?? can't wait to read about it

    1. I know a few people but for the most part I'll be on my own! I'm excited though, it's something really new for me!

  2. Oh wow so fun!! Enjoy every minute!! I love NY!