Awkward O.O.T.D

April 4, 2014

If you've read my Twitter bio you know I'm one of the most #awkward people around. Most fashion bloggers take outfit pictures in beautifully landscaped parks, macaron shops, or French cafes. Where do I take mine? In sketchy hotel rooms (don't ask). I mean, I know I claim to be 'sophisticated' but that's actually complete bullshizz. I feel bad for lying, but now you know.

Anyway, on to the outfit! 

I really should have edited these pictures before I posted them on the internet. Then again, that would take away from the awkward-ness. But really, these pics are so terrible, I'm actually embarrassed by them. But, you know what they say, "If you're not embarrassed by something, you shouldn't post it."* Regardless, I hope you like this outfit and can look past the hideous decor of an Orlando Hilton. I will be back with another awkward ootd soon! 

xo Sydney

**No one actually says this. If they do, they're not a reliable source of information. DO NOT listen to them...or me.


  1. That dress is super cute! Love how you styled it!

  2. Hey, sometimes you just have to take photos in creepy hotel rooms....or at least thats what I've heard. Awkward or not I think the outfit is lovely :)

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. I'm absolutely crazy for that dress! I actually had looked at it and considered a similar outfit for Easter. I love that you paired it with flats instead of heels. I love a good pair of heels but I'm also pretty tall (for a girl anyway) and I don't want to wear heels all the time. :)


  4. Your pics look fine! They don't look fake or like they belong in a magazine but they still look good! I'm a blogger, right now mostly beauty. I'd love to branch out to fashion but when I try to take outfit pics they come out so, so bad....

  5. lol...this post cracked me up. That polka dot dress is super cute! Forever 21 has some real gems.

  6. Don't feel bad - most of my outfit photos are in my own backyard, which involves ducking behind my house so my neighbors don't see me awkwardly posing with a tripod and/or narrowing avoiding all the dog crap that was trapped under the now melted snow. Blogging is so glamorous. Super cute outfit! :)


  7. Love this polka dot dress! :)

  8. You look so cute though! I love that dress, and the chambray shirt tied over it looks adorable! xx, Elizabeth


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