September 14, 2014

Random Things

I wanted to call this post, "random things to do/watch this week if you're like me and want to avoid the world by staying in bed and doing nothing." However, it was oddly specific and made me seem a little pathetic, so I settled on "Random Things" instead. Because everything I've included is a thing and it's random, therefore it seemed appropriate. Anyway, since I've been absent from the blogoshpere for a little while, I've uncovered some things that I felt must be shared. If you've seen/heard of any of these things (and I'm sure you have) just act surprised.

1. House of Cue Cards 

In a word: brilliant. The attention to detail is flawless and no one can really do impressions quite like Jimmy Fallon. There are a few moments I couldn't done without (like the random Orange Is The New Black moment...I don't get that show) but overall it's amazing.

2. Yale Lectures 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these lecture series' before, but I wanted to highlight them again. Yale (yes, the university) does these amazing 'open courses' that are available for anyone online. You can download them on iTunes and have an ivy league education in the comfort of your own room. Kidding, Yale won't actually give you a degree, but they do have some pretty cool courses and everything is totally free to download. My favorite is the class by Dr. Shelly Kagan called 'Death'. It really makes me want to run to the advising office and sign up for as many philosophy classes as I can.

3. NYC Ballet 

Confession time: I'm obsessed with the New York City Ballet. I would've loved to see a performance while I was there, but it just never worked out. Next time! Anyway, they have a YouTube channel, and I could probably waste an entire day (JK--I have wasted an entire day) watching the performances and BTS clips. I took ballet as a kid, but never anything serious, and this really makes me wish I would've stuck with it. It also makes me wish I wasn't so tall and awkward so I could actually be a ballerina but that's neither here nor there. Check out the channel!

4. USA Today 

Here's a little shameless self promo: I wrote my first article for USA Today College! It's all about how to get experience before getting experience. What exactly does that mean? Well, as college students, we face serious competition against ourselves. Meaning, most internship programs nowadays have hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants. To even have a shot at landing a spot, you'll have to have a seriously beefed up resume. So check out my article for tips!

5. Vogue's 73 Things 

These Vogue videos are everything. I really love watching interviews to begin with (anyone else this way too?!) and 73 questions is basically my dream. They have ones with Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Daniel Radcliffe, Olivia Munn...and maybe some others. But they just released one with Anna Wintour that is by far my favorite. She's such a BO$$. 

6. Pinterest 

I know, I know, Pinterest is nothing new. But hear me out: I've been going crazy on my boards lately. I have serious ADD when it comes to Pinterest. I'll be obsessed with it for a few weeks, literally pinning everything I see for hours and hours a day. Then, almost without warning, I'll be completely over it and never pin anything for months and months. I'm not sure how/why this happens, but alas, it does. The same thing goes for Tumblr. Right now I'm going through a wave of obsession though, so you could definitely check out my account.

What gems of the internet have you discovered lately?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about pinterest! I seem to only be interested in it during finals week. haha

  2. I just finished watching season 2 of House of Cards and had not managed to see that Jimmy Fallon skit. Hilarious. Also, I totally have a secret wish that I could live a second life as a ballerina.

  3. I have to most definitely start checking these out! Vogue 73 sounds fabulous on so many levels, so that's fantastic. And jimmy Fallon is fantastic. And USA today college? Girl, you're fantastic.