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January 17, 2014

Making lists is one of my favorite things to do. I have thousands of notebooks all filled with different kinds of lists: to-do lists, grocery lists and wishlists. Since I'm a very visual person there's something aesthetically pleasing with seeing everything written out in front of me. I go crazy if there are a bunch of things swimming around in my head at once! I need to write things down! This may sound odd to some but I love shopping around on different websites and creating wishlists for myself. I honestly can't even tell you how many different wishlists I have floating around on the internet right now. The list ranges from Nordstrom to Jcrew to Madewell to Kate Spade and many, many others. These are not tiny lists either. Most people will make a wishlist, add a few things they have their eye on, and then move on with their day. Me, on the other hand, oh no I don't mess around! Just my Jcrew wishlist alone has over fifty items in it (and that's not even including the things that are sold out!). I can spend hours, or maybe even days, just making 'dream' shopping lists.So you see, I have a problem. At least if my bank account magically fills up one day I'll know right where to start. Until that happens, I thought I should make this into something productive by turning it into a weekly series on my blog! So here are a few things I've been drooling over this past week. Enjoy!

1. L. Erickson 'Ballet Bow' Barrette
There's nothing I love more in the world than tortoise print. My tortoise Ray Bans never leave my head and I'm seriously considering investing in a pair of good tortoise reading glasses (and I don't even need reading glasses). This bow barrette is just too adorable I couldn't help but include it in my list. It is however priced at a steep $89.00. Yes, $89.00 for a barrette. I definitely couldn't justify that purchase (yet) so I'm on the hunt for a (much) cheaper alternative.

Confession time: I've never owned a bottle of really nice perfume. For some reason I always invested my money elsewhere. For a long time I was content with the cheap stuff from Bath and Body Works, but recently I've really been wanting to step it up a bit. I've heard so many amazing reviews about this ChloĆ© scent that I had to add it to the list. The bottle is also right up my alley: simple, neutral and very elegant. In a word: obsessed! This is going at the top of my birthday wishlist (note: my birthday isn't until July so I'm going to be waiting a while). 

3. Kate Spade 'Metro' watch
As mentioned above, my Kate Spade wishlist is excessive. They should add a gadget to their website that says 'add everything on site to wishlist' to make my life a little easier. Because really, I want everything. I just love how quirky and fun the brand is! Since spring is coming I've been looking to add a little more color to my wardrobe. Lord knows I love my neutrals, but I think a little pop of purple on the wrist is a great idea for spring!

4. J.Crew Minnie Pant 
Because, if you have a wishlist that doesn't have something from J.Crew on it is it really even a wishlist? No, it's not. Like I said before, my wishlist at this place is embarrassing. At the top of it, though, has to be the Minnie pants. I can't believe I don't already own a pair of these. I have a pair of the Pixie pants that I wear so often it's really, really unhygienic. These pants sum of my style so perfectly: simple, classic, and neutral. The more I talk about them the closer and closer I get to just whipping out my credit card and biting the bullet. Also, I love the New Balance sneakers the model is wearing. If only I had the style of a J.Crew stylist...

So that's it for my wishlist this weekend! Since I have a serious shopping addiction you can bet there will be a whole new list next week with lots of gorgeous goodies! Until then, what's currently at the top of your wishlist? Tell me!

Disclaimer: none of the links above are affiliate. They're simply used so you know where the image came from.

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