Sick Days

January 22, 2014

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be struck with a pretty bad chest cold. I had big plans for the weekend (i.e. mostly cleaning and catching up on homework) but all had to be pushed aside to nurse myself back to health. Thankfully I didn't have the flu (flu season is in full force) or a sore throat (literally, the worst thing ever in my opinion) so I mustered the strength to browse Pinterest for a remedy. You can find a solution for everything on Pinterest, it's actually amazing. So I typed in "cold remedies" and I saw something popped up multiple times.

It was an apple cider vinegar/honey/water concoction. It had been pinned thousands and thousands of times so it must be effective, right? I was still hesitant to try it mostly because of the apple cider vinegar. I've heard over and over again how beneficial apple cider vinegar is, for your skin especially. I'm willing to try a lot of things to get beautiful skin but apple cider vinegar is just nasty. I get sick when I try to swallow even a teaspoon of that stuff (TMI?). I decided to try it anyway. I felt terrible, and I didn't want to just sit around doing nothing whilst I coughed up another lung. I dug around in the pantry, found my ingredients, mixed the correct proportions (see picture above) and braced myself for the worst. To my surprise, it wasn't terrible. I found the sweet honey cut out the sour taste of the vinegar and made it just tolerable enough. You're supposed to repeat every 3 hours, but I did it about every hour. The more you do it, the quicker it starts working right? (Note: this logic is usually WRONG. Proceed at your own risk.)

I love holistic remedies, but I usually find they're not nearly as effective as popping a Tylenol.  While this remedy certainly isn't going to cure you of the plague, I did find it soothed my throat and prevented me from coughing up my lungs. I think it was probably the apple cider vinegar. I guess that nasty stuff really is magic, after all.  So next time you're feeling a little under the weather, try my new favorite virtual pharmacy--Pinterest! I have a new found respect for Pinterest, now that I know it's methods are actually effective.

What are your favorite sick day remedies?

xo Sydney

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